Green Tea has beneficial effects on the digestive tract. The tannins that are contained in Green Tea can help soothe the mucous membrane of the stomach and of the intestines.
Tea is particularly suitable for people who suffer from diseases of the digestive tract that are originated from nervous or inflammatory causes.

Green tea is also an excellent natural remedy as it is highly antibacterial; Tea has proved to stop the growth of the bacteria that are responsible for this ailment. Tea is so potent as to deactivate the bacilli of cholera by gathering them and thus stopping their movements. The same occurs with salmonella.

Tea also helps to reduce the excess acids in the stomach: the bitter substances contained in Tea can regulate the bile stream thus helping digestion. Tea can also help to neutralize the excess acidity, as it is an alkaline drink. Therefore its function is very important to correct unhealthy eating habits. It also protects the liver.

Tea can be a good remedy against halitosis. Some studies have shown that Tea can reduce bacteria present in gums and can have an important effect on halitosis as well as on tooth decay, that have turned out to be lower in Green Tea drinkers.

According to a recent research published in the ‘Journal of Allergy and Immunology’ the EGCG that are contained in Green Tea can help the inhibition of the HIV virus and can therefore be used as a complementary therapy.