We know usually people don't bother to read all this section so we'll try to make it as short and simple as possible; First and foremost comes your COMPLETE SATISFACTION!
If for any reason you decide to cancel your order you may do that at any time and you will be fully refunded for all unused items . If unfortunately the products should not be to your liking, you can simply close the packaging, without having to provide a reason and return the merchandise. In extension to that right, which includes the cost of items to be returned at the customer's expense, if the reasons for the waiver are justified, we will arrange to pick up the goods at our expense by sending a courier and you will be fully refunded.

1. Subject

1.1 These terms and conditions governing the contract for the sale of products offered by BIOTEA - IMPORTIDEE sas Edoardo Barbero & C. sas. headquartered in Santa Vittoria d'Alba via road no. 10 / C 12069 C.A.P through its website P.I./C.F. No. 02186060048 registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo No. REA 159682 holds SCIA authorization 03/02/2012 - City of Santa Vittoria d'Alba CN, pursuant to and by effect of the law decree 22/05/1999, n. 185 "Implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts" and the Circular No. 3487 / 06.01.2000 of the Ministry of C having as its object the Legislative Decree n ° 114 of 31/03/1998 "Regulations governing the sale of goods via electronic means. E-commerce."

2. Conditions of Sale

2.1 This contract is for the purchase and sale of tea and related accessories or similar products in quantities and qualities chosen by the CUSTOMER through an electronic selection on site. Conditions of Sale are available on the site to be easily read by the CLIENT before making the purchase of a product, combined with the onward accepted the purchase order, stored on your computer and reproduced on paper by printing the file in which they are contained.

2.2 The General Conditions of Sale apply to the sale of products are those published on the site at the date of the order relating to the products. The CUSTOMER, therefore, will have to perform the above steps before making any purchase.

2.3 The mere tolerance or failure to object to any BIOTEA CUSTOMER breaches compared to what is contained in the General Conditions of Sale shall not be interpreted as tacit acceptance of such defaults, or as a desire to deviate from what was agreed between the parties.

3. Procedure of order

3.1 CUSTOMER who intends using the products must manifest this desire through a request made directly on the site where, by following the procedures described above, will carry forward the purchase order and payment. The payment will be processed by BIOTEA.

3.2 Upon receipt of the purchase order issued by the CUSTOMER, BIOTEA transmit to the latter the receipt of the purchase order, containing a summary of the content of the information relating to the sale, and will proceed to execute the order d ' purchase, subject to the provisions of paragraph 4.2.

3.3 The AGREEMENT is governed from the purchase order issued by the CUSTOMER, by the receipt of the order issued by BIOTEA and the Conditions of Sale.

4. Rights and obligations BIOTEA

4.1 Delivery of the PRODUCTS:

The delivery of goods is carried out within the time specified in the proposal, the address indicated by the CUSTOMER and through courier commissioned by BIOTEA. The identification of the goods, and its change of ownership takes place at the time of handing over the merchandise to the carrier itself. Such appeal will also consider fulfilled the obligation to deliver the tax on BIOTEA.

In order to avoid fraud, the Courier reserves the right to identification, which shows the coincidence of data between the order information and the owner of the credit card. For the same purpose it is necessary that the CUSTOMER provide a telephone number (preferably fixed telephony), which will be used with extreme accuracy, to give more security to the transaction / delivery, as well as the applicant's name on the intercom / doorbell, if any. If upon delivery the recipient is absent, the person in charge will leave a message / warning to agree with CUSTOMER another delivery schedule or allow the withdrawal of the parcel at the headquarters of the nearest carrier.

The CUSTOMER, upon receipt / withdrawal, is required to verify the integrity and quantity of the goods in the presence dell'incaricato delivery; when packing the shipment shows clear signs of tampering or deformation that could indicate that any damage to or alteration of the content, the CUSTOMER must ACCEPT the package clearly indicating on the delivery note (Transportation Document or Waybill) conditions that are evident ; or, if the package did not contain any visual evidence of any breakages, ALWAYS accept by signing the delivery note with the word "ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO INSPECTION" so you can check the contents of the shipment

In the event that one or more products were in conditions not suitable because damaged during transport, the CUSTOMER, after making a note on the delivery note "VISIBLE DAMAGED GOODS WITH PACKING", within three (3) working days must notify by e -mail BIOTEA at

BIOTEA will open a practice of damage and, at their own expense, no later than 30 days from the date of delivery or reporting, to replace damaged products or, if this is not possible, to reimburse the CUSTOMER of their amount. Nell''ipotesi in which the Client contacts the customer service after the third working day, will be entitled to BIOTEA decide to open a practice of corruption which includes the replacement of the goods.

Deliveries are made throughout the Italian territory, except in the cities of Livignio, Campione d'Italy and the Republic of San Marino. Delivery is made by courier, so can not be accepted requests for deliveries at the mailboxes.

4.2 Unavailability of products

In case of non-execution of the purchase order by BIOTEA due to unavailability, even temporary, of the required product, BIOTEA, within 10 days of receiving the order, inform the CUSTOMER by e-mail of the cancellation of the order and will free , refund the price if already paid for the purchase of products no longer available.

5. Rights and obligations of customers

5.1 The CUSTOMER is solely responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of information provided to BIOTEA and requests from the latter through the site and you will communicate promptly any changes of data entered.

5.2 The CUSTOMER, following the remittance of the purchase order states:

a) you have read, understood and accepted the Conditions of Sale;
b) to be a person of age, he possesses the legal capacity to act.

5.3 The CLIENT undertakes, once the purchase process on the site, to provide both to save an electronic copy is the release of the CONTRACT and the General Conditions of Sale for the purposes of their conservation, as indicated in paragraph 2.1 above.

5.4 Consideration: The prices of the Products are actually displayed on the site at the time of order by the CUSTOMER. The prices of the products that appear in the SITE, unless otherwise specified, are inclusive of VAT.

For each order must be added the cost of transport which will be duly highlighted prior to the issuance of the purchase order by the CUSTOMER and in the confirmation of the same, except for promotions that provide free transportation.

5.5 Payments: You can make the payment of the products purchased on the site with

• BANK payable to Biotea Importidee s.a.s. IT92U0690622501000000000900 with these data in this bank: Banca Regionale Europea
• MARK with an additional cost of 5 euro.

In case of payment by credit card, the CUSTOMER agrees, only if we are required by BIOTEA, to send a copy of the identity document showing the actual ownership of the credit card used, it being understood that, in the absence sending requested, BIOTEA will refuse payment and cancel the order.

The receipt of corresponding purchase order will be displayed on the website and can be printed using the appropriate link.

5.6 Receipt of PRODUCTS: Upon delivery of the PRODUCTS to the CUSTOMER by the carrier for their transport, the CUSTOMER must check the goods in the presence of the carrier and follow the steps as described in section 4.1.

5.7 Support: If you need additional assistance or complaints related to products bought the CUSTOMER must contact BIOTEA at the addresses indicated in paragraph 10 of the Conditions of Sale.

5.8 Warranty: BIOTEA will pay, in relation to the PRODUCTS purchased by the CLIENT, the legal guarantee of compliance with the terms and conditions set out in Articles. 128 et seq. the CONSUMER CODE. In particular, the rights arising from this guarantee may be exercised on condition that the products are used correctly, with due diligence and in accordance with the intended use and as provided in the attached instructions and upon presentation by the CUSTOMER of delivery note received with the same display and the order number. The costs related to the return of PRODUCTS year warranty effect will be borne by BIOTEA.

5.9 Cancellation of the order: E 'possible to cancel the order at any time, before or after delivery. If the CUSTOMER issuing an order has second thoughts before the goods are delivered, you may cancel the order and demand the immediate transfer of the amount eventually paid with a credit card by sending an email to the following address:

6. Right of withdrawal

6.1 The CUSTOMER, once made the purchase of the products, has the right to terminate the CONTRACT without penalty and without giving any reason, as determined by Articles. 64 et seq. the CODE CONSUMPTION, provided that the products to be returned are intact, complete with the original box and label and packaging used by BIOTEA for shipping.


I. Return Procedure

All products purchased on may be returned and refunded, provided that: the CUSTOMER notifies BIOTEA his intention to return the / the product / s purchased / s within the 10 days following the date of delivery and It is fulfilled the rest of the conditions set out in this section.

BIOTEA will only accept returns that meet the following conditions:

1. Product must be in the same state in which it was delivered and will retain, as far as possible, its original packaging and labels.

2. Dispatch must be realized using the same protective cardboard box that has been received to protect the product. In case you do not have the protective box used for delivery, the CUSTOMER must return the product in a box protector in order to get it in the BIOTEA warehouse with maximum possible guarantee.

3. Inside the package must be inserted a copy of the delivery note.

With the goal of making it easier for customers to return riuscirne proceedings and to make proper monitoring, BIOTEA requires a single method the "MADE NO PROBLEM". If the reason for return is attributable to BIOTEA (the product is defective, it is not what you ordered, etc.) the use of this service is free. If the reason is another (the products have been delivered properly and without defects but do not meet), the cost of this service is 7 euro. This amount will be deducted from the crediting value for the returned products. The CUSTOMER will receive on their credit card or directly to your c / c, if paid by bank transfer, the related reimbursement.

To make a return the CUSTOMER must simply follow the following steps

• Go to the MY-ACCOUNT section
• Go into MY ORDERS
• Select the 'order for which you want to make the return, tick products to make and confirm; 24-48 hours will be sent to the Client an e-mail to the 'authorization to return;
• after receiving the email to the AUTHORIZATION GIVEN print the RETURN FORM located in "MY RETURN" column in the breakfast dell''ordine close to the number that you want to make and add it in the package together with the transport document who accompanied the expedition dell''ordine;
• write on the package the 'destination address: BIOTEA str. State 10 / c 12069 S. Vittoria d' 'Alba (CN)
• The CUSTOMER will be contacted by telephone and email to arrange collection of the goods.

BIOTEA will not cover any of the expenses caused by the refunds made without following the steps set out in the process.

II. Refund to the CUSTOMER

The return of products will generate a refund equal to the cost of the products minus the cost of the service "Reso no problem".

Only in the event that the product delivered is defective or incorrect, BIOTEA reimburse the CUSTOMER also the related shipping costs. Partial refunds will match partial refunds.

BIOTEA will refund the refund according to the same system used for payment within 48 hours of confirmation of the arrival in stock of the returned package.

The display of reimbursement of the refund to the account or credit card of the Client depend on the type of paper and banking entity. For payments made via PayPal account, the procedure is the same as the previous case. For payments made on delivery, contact the CUSTOMER BIOTEA to agree the terms of reimbursement.

In the section "MY CREDIT NOTE" you can view its credit notes.

7. Use of the site

7.1 Description and display of the PRODUCTS.

Descriptions of Products and images on the website are as faithful as possible to the actual product, even considering the fact that the quality of the images (eg. In terms of the exact color display) may depend on the programs and the used IT tools by the CUSTOMER at the time of connection to the site.

7.2 Malfunctions

BIOTEA does not assume any responsibility for the problems caused to the CUSTOMER use of the site and the technologies employed as independent of their will, such as, but not limited to:

a) any errors, delays or impossibility in accessing the site from the Client for the execution of the sale procedure;

b) errors, delays or impossibility in the receipt by the CUSTOMER, communications sent by BIOTEA in connection with the sale of the products.

In any case, BIOTEA is committed, as in his ability, to solve problems that can occur and provide the necessary assistance to the CUSTOMER to get a quick and satisfactory solution to these problems.

8. Copyright and Trade Mark

8.1 BIOTEA informs that the SITE, as well as all trademarks and brands used by BIOTEA in connection with the sale of the products, is protected by intellectual and industrial property rights applicable and that it is forbidden any kind of reproduction, communication, distribution, publication, alteration or transformation, in any form and for any purpose they occur, the SITE content, trademarks and logos used by BIOTEA (such as, for example, works, images, photographs, drawings, dialogues, presentations, music, sounds, videos, graphics, colors, functionality and design of the SITE).

9. Personal Data Protection

9.1 BIOTEA guarantees customers that the personal data acquired in connection with the sale of the products will always be treated lawfully and correctly, in full compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196.

9.2 For further information concerning the processing of personal data please refer to the "Privacy Policy" and the disclosures made on the processing of data from BIOTEA, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the CUSTOMER at the time of registration on the SITE. Please note that the CLIENT, in case of need for further clarification, you may contact BIOTEA directly at the addresses indicated below.

10. Contacts

10.1 For any communication you can contact BIOTEA sending an email to the following address:

11. Governing Law

11.1 This agreement is governed by the legal system of the Italian Republic. Any dispute concerning this contract is mandatorily competent Court of Alba.