More than twenty years of traveling in the Far East, particularly in China, the birthplace of Tea, have aroused in me a great curiosity for the most popular drink in the world.

Its history, its rituals and the beautiful gardens have fascinated me and that's how Biotea was born: a selection of fine Tea from crops where the processing is still carried out according to traditional methods.

The main objective is to choose Tea exclusively from crops where pesticides and synthetic chemicals are not used . The choice to go in the cultivation areas allows me to personally know the producers and to periodically monitor the production and assure a high quality product, devoid of any chemical pollutant.

Disclose the beneficial and therapeutic properties of the Tea with the security of offering a high quality product is our mission.

The Tea is able to capture with its magic and calm the frantic modern world and never go out of style.

I hope that more and more people can discover the fascinating world that only the Tea has to offer, and especially the great curative and preventive potential that this amazing plant can have on our health.

If Tea could talk....

Edoardo Barbero,