During my last trip to Yunnan last spring, I was lucky enough to meet some incredible Tea producers. Small family-owned businesses, located in tiny villages in the mountains of south Yunnan, wonderful people with whom I spent unforgettable days.

I can say that maybe I had never drank Tea at those levels. Some of the Tea came from wild forests of this region and from trees that grow freely in nature without the use of machinery and chemicals of any kind.

These people who have become friends introduced me to a world that I wanted to know and experience with the touch of my hands for a long time - Tea Forests. This is the place where the Camellia Sinensin (Tea Tree), originated and from there it was spread over the centuries to other regions of China and the world.

In the forests of Yunnan there is still a biodiversity comparable to that of the Amazon, where nature grows and regenerates, untouched for millions of years.

These people have understood that they had to return to basics and so decided not to grow the Tea, but pick it up spontaneously in its natural place. These Teas come from trees, which continue to grow without end. Seeing those trees that have been there for centuries was an unforgettable event, and realizing I was drinking their liquor was a unique experience.

For us in Biotea, to propose these products, so special and unique, is truly a source of pride. Knowing where they come from and learning about the people who grow and produce it is our passion.

I selected only some types of these Teas and I wanted to include them in this section of our store because for me they are part of one family. All come from the leaves of these trees that I had the chance to touch and feel, and from these wonderful new friends who take care of them.

It was a difficult job but very exciting, several trips to several places, living with the local people. I discovered that there are many manufacturers who took pride of owning "The Forest Tea" but unfortunately most of them are not true, and sell conventional products after marketing them as wild products.

But I didn't give up and thanks to my stubbornness, and the help of some local friends, I finally got to see first hand the fantastic reality of real Tea. These Teas are exclusively sold in the domestic market at very high prices without ever crossing Chinese borders.

Having scratched the initial distrust against a Western enthusiast, and having become a true friend of these simple and wonderful people, it was allowed us in Biotea to make a small quantity of some of their unique Teas.

Like all other Teas we also test the Teas by Italian laboratories whose analysis certificates confirm the absence of any type of chemical.