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  • "Golden Breakfast" - Black Tea
    "Golden Breakfast" - Black Tea

    Golden Breakfast fully deserves this name for its rich, honeyed aroma,...

    € 19,80
  • Nivure

    "Nivure" means clouds in Piedmontese and the name says it all; a...

    € 4,50
  • VegOne

    Fragrant Vegan biscuits, made with oatmeal and rice flour, ideal for...

    € 3,50
  • Dubi

    Intriguing double pastry with our Matcha Tea, stuffed with Ramassin...

    € 5,40
  • Meira Biscutin
    Meira Biscutin

    "Meira Biscutin" means Corn Biscuit in Piedmontese and the taste is of...

    € 4,90
  • Ghersin Savurì
    Ghersin Savurì

    Delicious small breadsticks made with soft wheat flour type 2, spelt...

    € 3,80
  • Crek

    Delicious savory biscuits made with wheat flour type 2, buckwheat flour,...

    € 3,20

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