We are proud to introduce our Loyalty Points Program that transforms your spending into vouchers on every purchase!

For any purchase in our online shop you will receive Loyalty Points.
For example
, with a purchase worth 50 euro you get 50 loyalty points that are equal to euro 1.00

The description of Loyalty Points is displayed when you choose any item on our website and in your shopping cart, where you can see how many points you can earn and their euro equivalents on the basis of articles selected.

Rewards points are valid from the time of confirmation of payment and delivery of your order.

If an order is cancelled, your loyalty points from that order will be canceled automatically.

Rewards points have no expiration date.

Once you have your loyalty points, you are able to convert them into a gift certificate that you can use for your orders.

To convert Loyalty Points into a gift certificate log into your account, click on "MY LOYALTY POINTS" and then click "Convert my points into a voucher of euro ...

Your voucher will be automatically created.

The points will be available for conversion in the gift certificate only when the payment and delivery of goods will be completed. In the meantime you can see your points but you will not be able to convert them into a voucher yet.

Once you have the coupon you can use it for your future purchases by entering it in the box COUPONS you find in your shopping cart by clicking on OK.

For safety reasons, the coupon will be valid and usable only after 24 hours of its creation.

Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of their creation.

For more information write us at info@biotea.it or call us anytime +39 335441522!